Electrical Services

General Contracting Services

New Construction: We can plan, manage and supervise new construction projects from the ground up.

Renovations: Using a proven design process we make sure your renovation project is delivered based on your goals, budget and schedule.

Design Build: The advantages of a design build project include enhanced communication between the client and our team, increased accountability, more efficient productivity and accelerated operations.

Light Installation and Repair

We can Repair or Renovate your existing outdoor and indoor lighting system Some lights don’t work? All of your lights just stopped working and you need it fixed ASAP? Need a specialty fixture replaced? Adding Lights to your existing system? Not getting the same light quality you once did?

Our Electrical Services can take care of these situations and a lot more at affordable price. For a very reasonable service fee, we can diagnose and repair most low voltage landscape lighting systems and indoor lights. Quality outdoor lighting design and installation creates the perfect atmosphere for every room in your home by accenting the architecture, illuminating the path to your front door, adding special fixtures, lanterns and sconces, setting the mood with dimmers and timers, and displaying your favorite art work.

Finding a dependable electrician can be a tiring task, especially when you have a busy schedule, or if you’d rather do something much more interesting. We can upgrade your service and/or replace that old fuse box. We also do all of the small electrician jobs that you might need. Licensed and Insured to protect you and your family.

We offer 5 star service and provide coverage for the entire Caribbean Island.

We have the professionalism to work in any residential or commercial environment, and our entire staff is committed to bringing you the best service our expertise has to offer. We’re waiting to help you in any way we can, so pick up the phone and call us today.

Electrical Panels

When you need an electrical panel upgrade or require additional circuit breakers, look no further than Surveillance Eagle Electrical Services. Our licensed and highly trained electricians will assure that your electrical panel is hazard free and allows for the electrical usage your home requires.

Like the heart distributes and pumps blood throughout the body, your electrical panel does the same with the electricity that comes into your home. You may know it as a circuit breaker panel, fuse box, or fuse panel, but all these names are for the system that provides the same function in your home – to distribute power throughout.

Generally your electrical panel is meant to be lower maintenance and withstand years and years of use.  A poorly installed and poorly maintained system can be the most dangerous 6 square feet in your home.

How do you know that your electrical panel is needing maintenance and repair? Here are a number of other indicators, recommended by the National Fire Protection Association; that would warrant a call to our trusted electricians for a replacement or immediate repair:

  • Frequent problems with blowing fuses or tripping circuits
  • Flickering lights
  • Lights that brighten or dim
  • Hot Electrical Panel
  • Electrical panel which makes a crackling or buzzing sound
  • Unexplained electrical problems