Closed Circuit Television

Video Surveillance solutions that you can trust

Whether installing a new video surveillance system or upgrading your existing cctv cameras, our video surveillance specialists, installation teams and technicians offer the best in video surveillance solutions. Our integrated systems put the right cameras in the right places, smart DVRs and NVRs to record and manage your video operations. Using our remote viewing capabilities we can also enhance your security programs. From video surveillance systems for small business to enterprise video surveillance for hundreds of locations, we support you with layout, installation, testing, maintenance and new and existing video surveillance systems solutions.

CCTV Cameras

Any camera that broadcasts a signal can be attached to a CCTV system, whether it’s wired or wireless, but they are most often associated with high-end surveillance cameras. Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras allow a user to remotely control a camera. The type of lens used will depend on the application and area the camera will be installed

  • Fixed aperture lenses cannot be adjusted for distance or lighting considerations. Lower in cost than other lenses, these are usually sufficient for indoor installations where lighting will be consistent.
  • There are two types of adjustable iris lenses. Manual iris lenses can be adjusted for changes in lighting conditions, but it must be done manually. Auto iris camera lenses can sense changes in lighting in the area they observe and will automatically make adjustments so they provide the best picture possible. These are usually the best choice for outdoor installations.
  • Manual zoom lenses allow you to adjust the focus area on a camera by hand. If you want to be able to change focus remotely, motorized zoom lenses are also available, but more costly. A third type of zoom lens, automatic zoom, can automatically focus on objects moving within their view.

CCTV Systems and Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras can be integrated into any CCTV network, and often are. They allow users to record criminal behavior when criminals are on the lookout for standard security cameras. They can be more effective in capturing video evidence, since they are harder to avoid, but sacrifice the deterrent properties of traditional CCTV cameras. On the other end of the spectrum, dummy cameras are a low-cost deterrent device, appearing to be CCTV cams, often complete with blinking lights. Many small businesses use dummy cams as an extra measure of security.