Alarm Systems


Control your home from anywhere

The future of home security and control is now. Interactive security and automated control provides real-time personal text and email alerts and video monitoring from online, your smart phone or tablet.

  • Total Control
  • Fully Interactive
  • With one touch you can manage your home’s security, lighting and energy intelligence remotely.

Security at the tip of your fingertips

  • Control your system with a state-of-the-art touchscreen panel. One touch to arm or disarm your system, control settings, and view emergency contacts simply and quickly.
  • With the ability to set multiple and one time use pass codes, get more control and visibility into who has access to your home.

Biometric Door Locks

Biometric Door Lock One of the most popularly used locks in smart homes, the biometric door lock operates on fingerprint patterns. Once configured, it reacts to finger prints to provide access, thus restricting unauthorized entries. It can be configured to keep records of individuals who open the lock.


  • Unique: The various biometrics systems have been developed around unique characteristics of individuals. The probability of 2 people sharing the same biometric data is virtually nil.
  • Cannot be shared: Because a biometric property is an intrinsic property of an individual, it is extremely difficult to duplicate or share (you cannot give a copy of your face or your hand to someone!).
  • Cannot be copied: Biometric characteristics are nearly impossible to forge or spoof, especially with new technologies ensuring that the biometric being identified is from a live person.
  • Cannot be lost: A biometric property of an individual can be lost only in case of serious accident.